meet the Team

Meet the team that is dedicated to getting your products into large retail stores.

Matthew J. Crawley


Has 25+ years of retail product sales experience and is the inventor and founder of The Net Return, a multi-million dollar sports product.

Greg R. Gaillard

Founder | Director of Sales & Operations

Has 20+ years of retail product sales experience and is an expert in directing large product growth and advising clients in retail categories.

Meg Liles


Meg brings to the team 18+ years of experience in the areas of company development, revenue growth and human resource management. With her refined expertise in company building and professional approach to client acquisition, Meg helps every company who partners with us achieve un-matched results.

Darren Ritchie


Darren brings both integrity and knowledge to the CBD, sports, retail-world and every client he works with. In addition to numerous connections through the entertainment industry forged while working on broadway and numerous other outlets. The ability to help our clients achieve their dreams and goals makes this all worth while.

Isabella Conley


Isabella has a passion for making connections with others, and building relationships through honesty, compassion and loyalty. With extensive knowledge in the retail market, she uses her ongoing relationships to find the perfect place for your products.

Demmie Hardin


Demmie joined the team after spending 6 years in education. She feels that building meaningful and lasting relationships with others is key. Her strong work ethic and commitment will find the perfect place for your product.

Bryan Burkett


Bryan was born and raised in Columbia, SC and has worked in Retail Sales and Acquisitions for over 20 years.
He has a vast amount of experience with products ranging from electronics to automotive. Bryan is more that adept to cover our clients on the back-end as an Account manager with kindness, integrity, and compassion.

jacob Shealy​

senior sales manager

Jacob brings a unique skillset to the Matthew J. Crawley Account Management team. With a dynamic approach to sales that centers around integrity and positivity, Jacob is able to provide our clients with unmatched results and unlimited potential.

Blake Wetherby


Blake has 10+ years in the Sales and Hospitality fields with a demonstrated history of unmatched customer service and communication.

Imri Bruck


Imri joined our company from a successful career in the luxury automotive industry. He brings a passion for providing an unparalleled client experience with a focus on integrity and enthusiasm to the team, and he can’t wait to help our future clients achieve their goals for success in large retail. In his spare time, Imri enjoys playing golf, watching college football, and learning about watches.

Cassian Bellino

sales manager

Cassian is a passionate sales manager. She has experience in global tourism, renewable energy, and business development – with a focus on supporting environmentally-driven and female-owned businesses. 

Samantha Jones


Sam has a unique tact when taking products across sectors into large retail markets. Focusing on providing guidance for woman-owned entrepreneurs, she has developed strong relationships with buyers at the world’s largest retailers to ensure your product’s success.

Lauren Prochak


Lauren joined our company after seventeen years of serving as a teacher, leader, administrator, and principal in public education. She has a diverse background from her work experience and family. Lauren brings expertise in both innovative and practical products for home, efficient living, education, and accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

Will Hardin

Sales Manager

Will brings to the team 15 years of experience in Hospitality with an expertise in the culinary field. He is dedicated to providing superb customer service to clients to help them reach the full potential of their products. Specializing in all food products dedicated to large grocery chains and kitchen utensils/gadgets placement in high-level cooking forward retailers.

Kristen Murphy

director of shipping & procurement

Kristen brings 16+ years of retail experience to the Matthew J. Crawley team. She is the key player to insuring the products get into large retail stores. Kristen improves the procurement process to save on costs, speed up operations, and ultimately maintain customer satisfaction. She is well organized and highly proficient in product shipping and procurement.  

Natalia Sanchez

International sales manager 

Speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese with a focus on Beauty, Cosmetics, Health & Wellness. Catering to our clients in Central and South America as well as European countries.

Mason French

Salesforce Admin

Mason excels at building a technical foundation for enabling customer success through the support of our Account Management on Salesforce. Through Mason’s analytical skills, our team is able to have a high-performing, technology enabled workflow that provides our clients with unequaled success.

Tabatha Cline

Social Media Strategist

Tabatha has loved photography, content creation, and social media cultivation since she can remember. She possesses excellent communication and organizational skills and strives to create a strong brand presence for Matthew J Crawley, LLC.

Charlie Porter

Digital and Brand Design Partner

Charlie has over 10+ years experience as a digital and brand design specialist. He has worked in the New York City market and internationally in collaboration with a wide range of clients across product design development, fashion, real estate, film, and consumer corporations. His work has garnered him press including Fortune Magazine, Esquire Magazine, Madison Square Garden Company, and Uniqlo. He is a huge addition to the Matthew J. Crawley team as he works to present our clients brand design.
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