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For over 25 years we have formed extensive relationships with retail buyers and have sold in every product category to over 100+ retailers nationwide.

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    We have established relationships with retailers throughout the United States.

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    The sales team delivered feedback and developed the relationships for our small business. I am very grateful for them because we are now in over 2,100+ large retail stores nationwide!
    Sammy L.
    Charlotte, NC
    I loved working with the professionals involved in getting my product into department stores all over the USA. They were super friendly and kept me in the loop during the entire process.
    Teresa S.
    Monrovia, CA
    Great experience with the sales reps. I received good feedback about my clothing line and they were able to help me get into one of the biggest subscription boxes on the internet!”
    Kelly D.
    Phoenix, AZ

    We Have Retail Relationships

    Start selling your product line to large retailers today!

    Matthew J. Crawley


    Has 25+ years of retail product sales experience and is the inventor and founder of The Net Return, a multi-million dollar sports product.

    Greg R. Gaillard


    Has 20+ years of retail product sales experience and is an expert in directing large product growth and advising clients in retail categories

    Bryan Burkett

    Account Manager

    Bryan was born and raised in Colombia, SC and has worked in Retail Sales and Acquisitions for over 20 years. He has a vast amount of experience with products ranging from electronics to automotive. Bryan is more that adept to cover our clients on the back-end as an Account manager with kindness, integrity, and compassion.

    Jacob Shealy

    Senior Sales Manager

    Jacob brings a unique skill set to the Matthew J. Crawley Account Management Team. With a dynamic approach to sales that centers amount integrity and positivity, Jacob is able to provide our clients with unmatched results and unlimited potentials

    Blake Wetherby

    Sales Manager

    Blake has 10+ years in the Sales and Hospitality fields with a demonstrated history of unmatched customer service and communication.

    Imri Bruck

    Sales Manager

    Imri joined our company from a successful career in the luxury automotive industry. He brings a passion for providing an unparalleled client experience with a focus on integrity and enthusiasm to the team, and he can’t wait to help our future clients to achieve their goals for success in large retail. In this spare time, Imri enjoys playing golf. watching college football and learning about watches.

    Carter Jin

    Senior Asia Sales Director

    Carter is a seasoned marketing professional with over 6 years of experience
    in E-commerce industry. Throughout his career, Carter has consistently
    delivered exceptional results by utilizing his creativity and innovative
    strategies to grow brands and increase customer engagement. For example,
    the brand Coohgrubs, which is managed by him has reached over 2 millions
    of impressions on Tiktok and Instagram in just 2 years.
    When Carter is not working on marketing strategies, he can be found
    exploring his passion for reading, sales, and sports. His love for exploring new
    cultures and experiences often inspires his creative commercial approach to

    White Glove Plan

    $ 9,500
    • Matthew J. Crawley will personally sell your product line to large retailers. With over 25+ years of retail sales experience and retail buyer relationships
    • Our team of 7 full time sales representatives dedicated to your product line speak directly with senior retail buyers, category buyers, merchandise managers, and corporate retail executives
    • Establish direct relationships with large retail buyers to purchase your product line
    • Assist our clients in all aspects of the sales and marketing process
    • Establish a targeted large retailer sales strategy based on our client's goals
    • Video meetings every month with our clients and our sales team
    • Provide detailed comprehensive reports every month for our clients
    • Exclusive trade show and influencer sales opportunities

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